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VIP Loyalty Card

Buttecrane is the first Shopping Centre in the UK and Ireland to launch a VIP Smart Card.

This exclusive Gold members’ card allows users to access unique personalised monthly offers, perks and money off your favourite stores!

1000 Gold Card members have already subscribed following an email marketing campaign and they will be invited to a special members night to collect the first ever Smart Buttercrane VIP Card (date to be confirmed). 

VIP members enjoy:

  • Personalised monthly discounts in 75% of Buttercrane stores.
  • Monthly discounts and offers based on your shopping preferences
  • Real time alerts and discounts to your phone when you arrive in the centre.
  • Loyalty rewards such as complimentary coffee or free parking.

Members will receive personalised offers, treats and discounts direct to their mobile while they shop in Buttercrane Shopping Centre.

The more you shop with your VIP loyalty card the more relevant the offers and alerts you will receive. So all you have to do now is enjoy a unique, personalised and exciting shopping experience with Buttercrane Shopping Centre.