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Buttercrane Wins National Award for Disabled Facilties

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Buttercrane Wins National Award for Disabled Facilties – 23/03/2022

Buttercrane has been awarded the National (UK & Ireland) Award for the best Space to Change toilet facility in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales. This is second time the Newry Shopping Centre has won the award and the first business to be re-awarded the title for second time.

The Space to Change concept has been developed to ensure that the personal hygiene needs of children and adults who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home, as much as possible. Buttercrane have a large wheel chair accessible Space to Change bathroom with a motorised changing table.

Peter Murray Centre Manager said that they were very pleased to be able to offer this facility to Customers with additional needs and that the award was very welcome news.

“Investment in this facility was very important for us so that we could provide this service and be inclusive to all our customer’s needs. We’ve also invested in a Shop & Go shopping trolley to accommodate larger children with ability needs. Also as part of this approach, staff are trained in Dementia and Autism Awareness and we’ve a number of Autism initiatives on mall including quiet shopping times.  It’s all part of a wider inclusivity ethos so that Buttercrane is a welcoming environment for all our customers.”

“I’m aware there is a shortage of these kinds of facilities across the region. I feel as a business it’s important to invest in facilities that meet the needs of customers and users – it’s a basic right.

“With NMDDC Council planning on investing some £70m in three city centre capital projects namely  Newry Canal Park, Arts Centre and the Civic Building, I would certainly advocate the inclusion and investment in, fully furnished Space to Change or fully accessible Changing Places public bathrooms so that Newry City is truly inclusive place to visit,” Peter added.


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