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COVID Fashion Trends

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COVID Fashion Trends – 07/08/2020

With Instagram pages dedicated to #WFHOUTFITS (working from home) and the hashtag #goingnowherebutdressingup trending it’s hard to know where the fashion industry goes from here to deliver what the consumer wants.

From bespoke masks, to lounge wear, designers and manufacturers are quickly trying to shift gear to capture consumers as they dress for the new normal. And while we are officially in a post lockdown period, there is still a huge percentage of the workforce likely to work from home for the rest of 2020.

In terms of trends, the second half of 2020 is going to be a challenge for retailers but it also presents brands with opportunities.

Some of the best brands have been borne out of crisis. Coco Chanel famously came into their own during World War 1 – adapting to limited supply of fabrics by using new materials like jersey which was a game changer.

Respect for the Earth has become a huge theme during Lockdown when the environment dramatically changed to the closure of factories across the world. Socio economic concerns like the environment, coupled with political movements like #blacklivesmatter has created conversations around brand ethicacy and authenticity and will impact consumer spend in the future.

Freedom from lockdown will likely create a theme of celebration in upcoming fashion collections to expect to see colour and OTT looks appearing in everything from your local TESCO to AW Virtual and digital catwalks.  That being said, with events off the social calendar for 2020/21, casual wear and dressing for comfort is going to feature hugely in upcoming collections.

Has COVID put paid to ‘influencers’? It’s something to consider for fashion brands. While we all love the distraction of a blogger during lockdown, the engagement with influencers and trend following may wane as consumer focus and priorities shift from trends to investing in timeless, lastable looks.

Reduced hours, furlough and unemployment will mean every purchase made is considered – it must meet the criteria that it’s essential and we are likely to see ‘made to last’ considerations over ‘fashion trends’ going into AW2020 and beyond so quality will be key.

In the meantime, there are lots of sales, offers and retailers waiting to welcome you!



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