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VIP Fob Update

With the successful launch of Buttercrane’s VIP Fob 1000+ members are receiving the following benefits:

  • All year round discount from 16 Buttercrane shops from one VIP fob.
  • Personalised texts from their favourite shops while they are shopping in the centre.
  • Rewarded for their loyalty with free coffee and parking. Over 1400 loyalty rewards issued since launch!

Buttercrane & Pearlai, The VIP Fob provider, are now releasing the ultimate in VIP Fob service. The VIP account! Each VIP Fob Shopper will now have access to their own account where they have complete control and can:

  • Update your favourite stores.
  • Switch off text messages from specific stores for a period of time of your choice.
  • Change the frequency of texts ie. Every 5 minutes, 6 mins, 7 mins etc
  • See the best current discounts & offers.
  • Make recommendations on future features with the best ones voted by other members being developed.
  • Add the latest shopping centres and brands that join in the future so your VIP fob works with them.
  • Update your details i.e. mobile number & email.

YOU the VIP Fob shopper, have complete control over which stores you get texts from, as well as the number and frequency on each visit to Buttercrane Centre. All of this can be updated or changed, very simply, as often as you like through your own personalised account.

Buttercrane & Pearlai believe the most important element of a shopping centre is its shoppers and we want to show our shoppers we cherish and value them. We are doing this by providing our shoppers with VIP Fob membership and the option to shape how it evolves in the future.

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