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Facilities at Buttercrane Shopping Centre


  • Buttercrane Centre provides over 1000 car parking spaces including 620 multi-storey spaces accessible by lifts
  • Over 350 outside surface level spaces
  • Disabled parking on each level
  • Dedicated Parent and Infant spaces
  • Open 8am – 6:30pm Monday,Tuesday and Saturday, 8am - 10pm Wednesday-Friday, 12pm - 7pm Sunday
  • Conveniently accessed via Bridge Street and Francis Street entrances

Family Friendly

  • Parent & Infant Parking Spaces
  • Parenting Room/Baby Changing Facilities available within the centre.
  • Sensory and Family room facilities, see gallery below.
  • Pushchair friendly with shops all on one level
  • GoTo Shopping Trollies available throughout the centre.
  • Regular Mall events for all the family.
  • Seasonal Entertainment
  • Autism Friendly Shopping on Wednesday evenings (4pm-9pm) and Saturday mornings (9am-12), with reduced lighting levels, no mall music and limited PA announcements.

Dining & Refreshments

Buttercrane offers a number of excellent options whether grabbing lunch on the go, having a quick snack or relaxing with friends.

Costa Coffee,T2 Restaurant, Greggs, Burger King, Subway, Pancake Junction and Vivo hot drinks, sandwiches, fruit and snacks for take out.


For business or for pleasure, here at Buttercrane we understand how important it is to stay connected when out and about, which is why we have recently installed Wifi for our customers throughout the mall. So you can now stay connected when you are shopping in Buttercrane with Free WiFi Access.

To Access Free Wifi Scan for 'Virgin wifi' and connect. Launch your browser and you will be presented with the Virgin login screen (if not already registered you will need to create an account) Log in providing username and password and you should then be redirected to Buttercrane's homepage, from here you are free to browse internet, access Facebook, Twitter etc, Check In and connect with your friends. For security purposes access is limited to 20 mins per session.

There are also a number of other Free Wifi providers within the centre including Costa Coffee, O'Briens, CEX. If at any time you have difficulty accessing please contact Customer Services Desk who will be able to assist you.


Buttercrane is focused on improving the experience for disabled shoppers, and as such provide a range of disabled friendly services and facilities. For further information click on the links below:

  • Autism friendly pre visit guide
    A simple step-by-step visual guide explaining what you may see, hear and experience on a typical visit to Buttercrane Centre.
    Click here to download.
  • Autism friendly sights and sounds video
    A short video detailing common sights and sounds at Buttercrane Centre.
    Click here to view.
  • Autism friendly centre map  
    A map highlighting the location of key services and facilities. The map also outlines areas where a visitor is likely to experience increased noise levels.  
    Click here to download.
  • Disabled friendly toilets  
    A short video outlining the features of our disabled toilets and sensory room. Features include an electronic adult changing bench, sensory bubble tube, sensory wall mounted xylophone, projector displaying calming images, quiet hand driers, black out blind and soft lighting.
    Click here to view video.
  • Sensory support packs
    Sensory support packs (ear defenders, massage balls and fidget toys) are available on loan from the Help Desk (subject to availability and a small refundable deposit).
    Click here to view pack contents.
  • Shop Mobility service  
    Our Shop Mobility service allows registered customers to hire mobility scooters. For further information call 028 302 56062, email info@shopmobilitynewry.com or visit the website at http://www.shopmobilitynewry.com
  • Other disabled friendly services and facilities
    Numerous disabled parking bays
    Wide malls with ample seating and rest areas
    All staff have received dementia and autism awareness training  
    Identity armbands available free of charge at our help Desk


Buttercrane Bureau conveniently located in the centre are renowned for consistently providing highly competitive Exchange Rates and are also agents for National Lottery. View Bureau info here.

ATM’s & Banking

4 ATM’s Located throughout the centre as well as a local Halifax branch.